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What is a skin irritation?

A skin irritation is an area of skin that has become inflamed, swollen or irritated, and can be caused due to a number of reasons.
It leads to a skin rash which is typically the result of an infection or reaction.
It can be caused by fungal, bacterial parasitic or viral infections.
Some of these rashes go away in time and some may need to be treated.
It is not easy to diagnose what kind of irritation your child may have and hence, you need to let a doctor examine your child.
If you notice signs such as skin discolouration, redness, bumps, blisters, scaling or inflammation, this means your child may have a skin irritation.

What are the common types of skin irritation?

There are many different types of skin irritation. However, here are some of the most common types.

  • Eczema
  • Prickly heat
  • Hand, foot and mouth disease
  • Ringworm
  • Skin allergies
  • Fungal rash
  • Psoriasis

How can skin irritations be prevented?

Here are some ways in which you can keep your children’s skin clean and healthy.

  • Make sure the kids have a warm water bath every day with an anti-bacterial soap such as Bacter Shield. You need to see that they clean their skin properly, including all crevices.
  • Teach them to dry themselves properly after a bath.
  • Sometimes, strong detergents or perfumes can be the cause of itchy skin. Wash the kids’ clothes with mild detergents.
  • Avoid tight clothing. Dress them in light, airy clothes to let their skin breathe.
  • Find out if your children have any food allergies.
  • If your child suffers from dry skin, massage their skin with gentle oils or moisturizing creams.
  • Always ensure the kids apply sunscreen before going out.

Home remedies for skin irritations:

  • Depending on what kind of skin irritation your child has, you can help them by applying doctor-prescribed cream on their skin or any prescribed oral medicine.
  • You can also make them more comfortable with a cold water bath to reduce itchiness.
  • For bug bites and minor irritations, applying ice on the affected area is soothing.
  • Colloidal oatmeal can also help soothe itchy and scratchy skin.